Thursday, 30 May 2013

Barry Town United await FAW meeting ‘D-Day’

The Barry Town Supporters Committee must sweat on FAW and Welsh League meetings over the next month to decide their fate.

The Welsh football governing body meets on June 13 to discuss whether to accept BTSC’s Barry Town United as a member club, before the league meets on June 29 to mull over whether to accept them in to their ranks.

BTSC member David Cole admits it’s a nervous time, saying; “We can’t join the Welsh League until the FAW recognise the club. What happens is in the lap of the FAW.”

They can decide whether to instruct the Welsh League to welcome Barry Town United in, or they could leave the decision up to the league and its clubs, so it is unclear at this stage what the future holds for one of Welsh football’s most famous names.

“We have to leave them to decide,” added Cole. “We don’t want to be too forceful, so we have to get a fine balance of campaigning.”

Barry Town owner and self-appointed secretary Stuart Lovering controversially withdrew the club from the league just four days before the end of the season, leading to their record being expunged. This was the final straw for the beleaguered BTSC, who formed the new club in a bid to continue football in the town.

Their campaign had been backed by Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier who, speaking at the club’s recent annual awards dinner, called on the authorities to welcome the new club in.

He said: “It’s a contradiction when you see Cardiff, Swansea and Newport doing so well and then find that Barry are fighting for their lives. But the fans won’t give in and are doing everything possible to keep the club going.

“Barry have won so much over the years and were regulars in European football, I remember them winning a home tie against Porto. I hope they solve their problems because it’s sad to see a club of this structure struggling like this.

“Supporters saved Portsmouth, so why not Barry? After all, fans are the most important people at any club. I know how important smaller clubs can be.

“I just hope the governing body can help Barry get back in the Welsh League and that the passion of the fans wins through.”


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